Seamen's Hospital - AMOSUP Service

Seamen's Hospital - AMOSUP Service

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Seamen's Hospital

The Family Medical & Dental Care Plan through the Seamen's Hospital Manila (100 beds) & Cebu (50 beds), both tertiary hospitals, offers quality medical & dental services, including hospitalization, treatment & medicines, free-of-charge to qualified members & dependents. The services offered by the Seamen's Hospital are limited to its facilities & the availability
of supplies. AMOSUP constantly upgrades the hospitals'

capability to handle a wide range of health concerns.
Qualified Members:
All active bonafide members of the AMOSUP can apply for the benefit.

Qualified Dependents:

For Married Members
Legitimate wife
Unmarried legitimate children below 18 years old

For Single Members
Natural parents
Unmarried brothers and sisters below 18 years old
Qualified members and dependents are entitled to receive benefits at the Seamen's Hospital from the date of member's embarkation up to six months after the date of disembarkation. top^

All qualified members and dependents receive consultation, are dispensed medicines, given treatment, hospitalization and examinations, as needed, free-of-charge depending on the availability of service and supplies.

The Seamen's Hospital does not handle medico-legal cases whether they are members or dependents. It will administer first aid treatment to the patient, who must then be transferred to any government hospital where a medico-legal officer/procedure is available. top^

In the absence of the Seamen's Book, please present any of the following:
For Members

photocopy of the Seamen's Book bearing the name of the last vessel and date of disembarkation
updated verification slip from the AMOSUP Record Section
latest allotment/pay slip
certificate of employment from manning agency

Seamen's Book

For Dependents of Married Member

Dependents ID
Latest allotment/pay slip
In the absence of the Seamen's Book, please present any of the following:
latest contract
updated verification slip from the AMOSUP Record Section
certificate of employment from manning agency

How to Secure a Dependent's ID

Go to the Medical Records Section at the Ground Floor of the Seamen's Hospital. Processing is entertained only from Monday to Friday, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Secure and accomplish an application form.
Submit form with the following requirements:

1. For Dependents of Married AMOSUP Member:
- 1x1 picture with red background
- Latest allotment/pay slip or AMOSUP verification slip
- Group or individual pictures of unmarried children below 18 years old
- Duly registered marriage contract with registry number
- Duly registered birth certificates of unmarried children below 18 years old
2. For Dependents of Single AMOSUP Member:
- 1x1 picture with yellow background of one of the parents
- Group or individual pictures of unmarried brothers and sisters below 18 years old
- Latest allotment/pay slip or AMOSUP verification slip
- Duly registered birth certificate of member and his unmarried brothers and sisters below 18 years old. top^

Make sure you have all the requirements needed to avail of the services at the Seamen's Hospital.
Non-emergency patients should proceed to the Records Section and present the requirements for registration.The Section is located at the ground floor of the hospital.
After verifying the documents, the personnel will give the patient instructions on what to do & where to proceed.
In cases of emergency, patients are directed to the Emergency Room. top^

Seamen's Hospital Manila and Cebu* ( * Services available in Cebu )

Department of Surgery
General Surgery*
Thoracic Surgery
Neurosurgery (Cebu only)

Department of Medicine
Hermodialysis Unit
Internal Medicine*

Dental Department
General Dentistry*
Occupational oral and dental

Department of Pediatrics
General Pediatrics*
Infectious Diseases

Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology
Pre-natal check up*
Deliveries and C-sections*
Diagnostics and therapeutic management of gynecological cases*

Department of Pathology
Clinical Chemistry*
Clinical Microscopy*
Exfoliative Cytology*

Department of Radiology
Computerized Tomographical (CT) Scan
Fixed X-ray examinations*
Mobile X-ray examinations
Ultrasound with Doppler and 2-D echo

Other Services
Psychosometric Screening Section
Nursing Service*
Ambulance Service*
Dispenses medicines, prescribed by the Seamen's Hospital doctors, free-of-charge, depending on availability. The pharmacy is open as follows:

Outpatient - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
In-patient - 24 hours

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Physical rehabilitation services

Department of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Diagnostics, medical and surgical management of EENT disorders*

Q: Why do I have to bring a verification slip or Seamen's Book when my husband is a member?
A: The above documents are used by the hospital to determine the embarkation and disembarkation date of the member to verify entitlement to the benefit.
Q: Why do I have to get a number while waiting for the doctor? I'm a member-shouldn't priority be given to me?
A: Our doctors are professionals and practice in other leading hospitals. Their time at the Seamen's Hospital is limited. Thus we serve all patients, whether member or dependent, on a first come, first served basis.
Q: Why do we have to submit marriage contracts & birth certificates with registry numbers?
A: The Hospital wants to extend its quality service to the true legal dependents of its members. To do this, it needs to verify the legality of the marriage contracts and birth certificates to prevent the unauthorized use of the benefits
Q: Why are members and dependents entitled to medical and dental services only when a member is active and for six months thereafter?
A: It is only while you are on board a vessel covered by an AMOSUP CBA that the shipowner is required to contribute to the funds that help run the Hospital entitling you and your dependents to the benefits. The benefit is extended up to six months after date of disembarkation. top^

Seamen's Hospital Manila
Cabildo corner San Jose St., Intramuros
Tel. 527-8116 to 20
Fax: 527-3554

Seamen's Hospital Visayas
Camino Vicenal St. Mandaue City, Cebu
Tel. (032) 346-2627
Fax: (032) 346-2598
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